How It Works

Detailed Guide to Install and Use TransLingua Pro

System Requirements

Your Windows laptop or desktop should have a Nvidia or AMD graphics card with GPU resources of 6GB or more.

Downloading and Installing TransLingua Pro:

  1. Download the Application: After you have successfully made your purchase, you will receive an email that contains a download link for the TransLingua Pro software. Open this email, find the download link, and click it. This action will initiate the download of a ZIP file of approximately 2.7 GB in size.

  2. Unzip the Application: Once the download is completed, you will need to locate the ZIP file on your computer. It will most likely be in your 'Downloads' folder unless you have specified a different location. Right-click on the ZIP file, then select 'Extract All...' from the dropdown menu. A dialog box will appear asking you where you want to save the unzipped contents. Choose a directory that you can easily access, like 'Documents' or 'Desktop', and then click 'Extract'.

  3. Locate the Executable File: Now, navigate to the directory where you extracted the contents of the ZIP file. Within this folder, you should find an executable file named TransLingua.exe.

  4. Create a Shortcut: Right-click on the TransLingua.exe file, then choose 'Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)'. This will place a shortcut to the application on your desktop for easy access.

  5. Run the Application: Double-click on the TransLingua.exe file or its shortcut on the desktop to run the application. If your system asks for permissions or gives warnings, click 'Yes' or 'Run' to continue.

Activating TransLingua Pro:

  1. Access the Configuration Tab: Upon launching the application, you'll see a variety of tabs or options. Click on the one labelled 'Config' or 'Configuration'.

  2. Enter Activation Details: You will see two fields where you need to input data. In the first field, enter the email address you used when you purchased the software. In the second field, copy and paste the activation key that you received in your email after making the purchase. make sure you select the right graphic card model from the - select GPU menu ( Nvida or AMD)

  3. Complete Activation: After entering the above details, click the 'Set' for both  buttons to complete the activation. The application comes with 10 minutes of free credits to get you started.

Using TransLingua Pro:

  1. Loading a File: To start transcribing a file, click on the 'Transcribe' tab in the application. In the new screen or area that appears, click on 'Load File' . Navigate to where your audio or video file is saved, click on it, then click 'Open'.

  2. Selecting the Output Language: You will see a dropdown menu for choosing the output language.  select your desired language from the 99 available options.

  3. Begin Transcription: After selecting the output language, click the 'Transcribe' button to start the transcription process.

  4. Viewing the Transcription: To view the transcription as it progresses, click on the 'Result' or 'Result Details' option. The transcription will appear in a text format on your screen.

  5. Saving Your Transcription: When the transcription is complete, you will see options to 'Copy', 'Save', and 'Save Document ' or 'Export to Excel' become available in both tabs - ;Result " and "Result-Details". Click on your preferred option and follow the prompts to save your transcription in the desired format. Please remember to save your transcription before loading another file as the software does not store completed transcriptions.